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Well… As it relates to the net sys admin I’m a passionate IT professional. I have been in the thick of “IT” (pun intended) for 9 years. 

In 2012 I enlisted the United States Air Force thinking i would end up being a military police officer. The recruiter convinced me to join as “open general” which meant that the Air Force would assign me whatever career they needed me for. I was told that most people who agree to the open general option are able to go to basic training quicker and are most likely to become police officers. I was okay with this. However, as fate would have it I was assigned as a Health Services Management tech. A fancy title for a medical admin. The USAF gave me my first orders to Alaska. Thankfully within health services management career field there was a position to work medical IT. 

I started out doing help desk, desktop support, customer service, and the occasional sprinkling of networking. During the 3 years I was in Alaska I was also appointed as the Information Assurance Officer (IAO) for the entire medical facility. In that position I was in charge of ensuring the security of our medical environment. I led incident response investigations, patched workstations, and worked on a few DoD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP) projects. 

After my time in Alaska was up the military sent me to Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. For those that may not be familiar this is the base outside of Washington D.C that houses the President’s Air Force One. 

It was in this new assignment that I was able to expand my skill set into the realm of network and system administrators. For the next 3 years I was able to work on so many projects touching tons of different IT verticals.

  • Building Linux PXE servers
  • Physically migrating the entire data center into a new space
  • Managing a Windows domain, VMware ESXi, File/Print Servers
  • Maintaining Cisco centric network
  • Deploying Windows 10

When the time came to either re-enlist or separate from the Air Force I decided to separate. Now I continue my journey in IT outside of the armed forces. I love what I do everyday, and want to share what I learn with others. A career in IT has been rewarding for me and my family. I hope to help others in their journey as well. The Net Sys Admin is a space for me to combine my love of IT, teaching, and entrepreneur spirit.